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Drawing in Museums

Museums are what initially brought me into the world of art and I cannot advocate enough for the habit of bringing your sketchbook with you when you visit them. Everyone draws at some point in their life. Whether it was with a stick, a #2 pencil, or the finest charcoal, the experience of connecting our eyes with our brain to our hand with pen and paper is one we all have. It is from drawing in museums for an extended amount of time that I have started using this tool for something very specific, discovery.


Slowing down the pace and spending more time with an object or room at the museum not only challenges the brain to focus more intently, but also to process information in a much more exploratory manner. As of now, I have two separate projects continuing to evolve at different museums, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Academy of Natural Sciences. 

The Philadelphia Museum of Art


The Academy of Natural Sciences

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